Monthly Archive: January, 2017


Here You stumble in with your floppy rubber footwear For some little thing that will clean you up A roll of toilet paper, a soda for pep, a stick of gum and a cigarette Here… Continue reading


They say we are stoned but I am sober Stoned since 1893 a feign for sovereignty against their plot for my poverty And their piracy  

Ai Pohaku… So Ono!

He treks with a constant pain in his side,  remains hungry never enough as nourishment is needed every single day He wanted more of his own he searched out with high hopes to see every last brown… Continue reading

Madd man not madd

Madd man not madd You were my father, my brother and all of these things Made you fit to suggest a throne Passionate, Lively and Active in mind As level as the facts… Continue reading

Pohaku in the rolling tide

Pohaku in the rolling tides with smooth surface from being tumbled around still strong enough to be on a coconut string and slung to bring enemies down.

You da Spit

They assume we only know two kinds Indigenous and indigenuisances Not necessarily true But there are definitely indigenuisances. Could you be an indigenuisance?… Check into OHA and GMO, if you fit you da… Continue reading

ooo HA?!

In an eternity of whitewash thrown over the fall those who try to surf not understanding

After All [is said (and done)]

The cause retires just in time to dodge the effect set fourth

THOUGHT out (on paper)

In all fairness is unfair When of high thought and low existence Per(ex)sistence will kill us all.    


D e(x) [I] SCRI [be] MI NATION The livelihood of indigenous(e) people is taken As a token of Accreditation (bartered) In the ego-centric interest (money/ credit/ ticketed value) of countries of less blue and… Continue reading