Athens on the Wind

  1. After several years since Futa Helu has passed away, I finally have had the pleasure of sitting down and watching “Tonga Ark”. My love goes out at this moment to the Helu Family, Sisi, Niulala and the rest as well as to Leialoha Perkins (who, while I lived in Tonga sent me books, read my poetry and extended a fine scholarship to me), I never realized how much I would grow to love Tonga. I wrote this Poem tonight and although it is very rough, I feel compelled to share it due to my ancestrial connection with the Helu family as well as our shared family history in battles and feats. ‘Eo ‘Eo from Hawaii, Long live ‘Atenisi


  1. ____’Atenisi____
    Your name in sparkling gold over flowers
    adorning, like you
    of our Kingdom free and finally
    you are true
  2. With still the tapu lifted
    as you crown our famous glory
    Lord may rain down sometimes
    but save our people’s story
  3. The rhythm on the wind
    rustling through the toa tree
    surrounds Veiongo
    catching the salt
    complimenting the sea breeze
  4. Athens on the wind
    winds of change from far away
    resound an ancient chant now whispered
    and the sweet refrain
    shall never fade
  5. Love Always,
    Tupouveiongo Potauaine
  6. _________________________________
    Notes from Author: The start of this Poem begins facing the flowers on Futa’s cemetary and reminded me of how perfect it was that his name be presented glowing and regal- like Futa’s incredible mind. As Tonga is the last standing monarchy in Polynesia and it is now justified that we are worthy through minds that are adept as those harvested through Futa’s legacy.
    The second stanza is the reflection of today and the origins of the Helu family during the reign of Ma’afu Tui Tonga acting as the “Helu” who were the only nominated as exempt from the Tapu of caring for the King’s head. Again, airing pride of our sovereign nation. THe influx of Christianity and the history of our ancestors still remarkable despite the religious difference, lives on.
    Futa was one for Rhythm and his flew over on the wind and landed on the head of Futa, through his family history planted at the place of Veiongo (authors name as well) and enlightens as “catching salt” and setting an example for the rest of oceania “complimenting the sea breeze”.
    The inspiration of Futa came through from Athens from far away and long ago and now is a whispered subject that beats like a chant that will live on forever.