I dreamed of an uprising


I dreamed that the winds of change

forced my mother to grow wings

like the Pueo

and now watch over me

My ‘Ilio

and friend who walked beside

now somewhere in the water

as a Honu, sailing alone

this is your daughter


I came across Hau’oli

smiling, beating Tapa

all eight limbs conjoined

to the head of persevence

In this cup ‘o

Kava woke me up

as it lulled me deeper, dreaming of

ancestors smiling and touching my face

and showing me the way

Taumafavai is a singing bowl

I did partake of my identity

and returned a borrowed time

that will always belong to me

I dreamed though, Papa

and brother is a night marcher

chasing me down a hill into mo’o’ili’ili

the beating drum is hollow

through Waikiki my ship came in

now on my way to Po-

and the humpback Whale is now above me

it is swimming in the sky

it comes down fetching

this ‘ai pohaku

encircling Pele’s restful sleep

beneath the surface

Papa, I’ve made it home to Mu

deep within the belly of my soul

I called for her to pour from her peaks

and KU’E! she exclaimed

Pardon me Papa, I crawled up your skin

and I whispered into your pours

as I came up as an island, permanent

Existing by the name of Havaiki

That my Kuleana is the life of this land

The life of this land is who I am

Buried my feet into my Piko

Our Piko

And will live forever after.