Madd man not madd

Madd man not madd

You were my father, my brother and all of these things

Made you fit to suggest a throne

Passionate, Lively and Active in mind

As level as the facts of your time

You were a threat in their thoughts

Now a threat to yourself

Those that you didn’t have to love

Like a cliche’ they’ve ruined things that they feared

when what they feared was the truth of themselves

They put it on you, an undying truth

A bare, undressed humanly soul

Still a soul somewhere fighting in the night

Still a soul that paints passionate deaths

Still paints even beauty

And when the moon no longer pulls us

like the tide, we roll peacefully by.

Who are they to say if tyranny fits

Who are they to say what to knock down

When from the ground every stone turned from the hand

Of a madd man, not madd but brave

They hated the law so you un-did it

Painted your face black and the ako hiva spited you

What role does God play when every time you pray

Someone else persuades if you’ve been noble

enough to be a madd man not madd.

Now as tired as anyone would be

had they felt and done and laid down their lives

to be true, to be good

a madd man not madd

but so good that they just never knew.

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