Monthly Archive: February, 2017


She shows herself On her own terms and she saw me see her tonight Popoki were crawling breathing into her to rise up But never before have I looked into the eyes of… Continue reading

do you pray

There is no neglecting one without neglecting all perfection not but purity is long overdue Here Do you pray on the oil as you squeeze it from it’s meat from it’s vine from… Continue reading

In your own Backyard

Do they mention Hawaiians, do they mention Natives In any of their meetings NO unless it is to ridicule our undying striving for freedom for their decolonization, their deportation their illegal occupation in… Continue reading

Why didn’t I

Grandma Why didn’t I watch closer when you weaved us rugs of Lauhala, Lauahala everyday and WHY didn’t I try a little harder to crochet all the beautiful doilies so hard to find… Continue reading

Hear You

Tangaroa talk to me What did Papa say What do you think I should do Eh————- Papa tell me what did Tangaroa tell Aho’eitu to tell us all Did he tell us about… Continue reading

Don’t you want to be the one

Don’t you want to be the one to tell them who you think you are because you know you are the one who’ll be the one to make it happen Don’t you want… Continue reading

How Do You Do

I am much too high in elevation of the splendor and the tall grass lichens and padded ground to think that anything else matters How do you do How do you do what… Continue reading

Yellow Birdie

Yellow Birdie are you as happy as the clothing God gave you and little, pretty birdie are you as happy as the song you sing looking for a lover to meet you high… Continue reading

He Knows His Shadows

He knows his shadows are not shadows, they are layers and layers, multi-faceted, repetitious rows and armies of his ancestors and mine jump right behind him too dancing and as he sings they… Continue reading

Po’s Place

The wires blooming from the wall Kicking the 4 foot refrigerator door closed all done with affection the toast crumbs on a plain white plate and this wooden fire place a rocking chair… Continue reading