In your own Backyard

Do they mention Hawaiians, do they mention Natives

In any of their meetings


unless it is to ridicule

our undying striving for freedom

for their decolonization, their deportation

their illegal occupation

in our lives, our lands and our home

THEY are the ones who are illegal

THEY are the ones who are uncalled for

THEY are the ones who refuse to get over it

That they don’t belong here and GET OUT

Once and for all they have crossed

a very sacred part of my existence

indirectly illegitimizing me in my own home

of my own beliefs

where they are not even welcome

Who are they to charge me

for making money to survive in my own home

Where they still reside illegally

and launder dollar values that are at deficit

Saying China will take us over

No, China will take YOU over

as for me- who is never a topic in your conversation


exempt from your demise

A demise from the World that you earned on your own

and still are too infected to see clearly

That you are a fool who destroys himself

but please

Self-destruct in your own backyard

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