do you pray

There is no neglecting one

without neglecting all

perfection not

but purity is long overdue


Do you pray

on the oil as you squeeze it from it’s meat

from it’s vine

from it’s ripe fresh fruit

do you pray

on the blessings you annoint them

from the core of your soul

do you pray on the seed that planted the tree

do you pray on the stalk that reaches up

do you pray on the leaf that takes it in

do you pray on the hand

not to bleed

as it presses and pulls

for the life of all things

old and new

and do we breath together

do you pray on never ending

do you float and creep

like the smoke and mist

created by the passionate fury

of her relentless


self sustaining

crackling in the clouds

do you pray

for safety, refuge

from the things inescapable

or do you pray

for her release

do you pray for her to come forth

and grow

do you praise her age

do you get lost in the sizzling effect

and the water she moistens

to keep you feeling

the flame