The Finger

Doesn’t surprise me anymore

That I am the one

Who always gotta take
The hard line
That nobody knows about
That’s why they think I’m crazy
That’s why they think I am demented
Because I work to keep them all
From eating each other alive
Doesn’t faze me anymore
That I’m losing one by one
Every battle I took as mine
But were their own
Why I gotta let ’em in
Why I gotta feed the mouths
That bite the hand when I know
A dog can find his own way home
Doesn’t hurt me anymore
Guess I don’t care the way I wish I did
Guess after all the time I spent just trying
To make it better than it coulda been
Was worthless and so wasted
My own self hesitated
To go on without you but
In the end alone I win
But without you
My daddy always said that family
Is like a finger, if you lose it its gone
And your hand will never be the same
And without you
Daddy also said the fire hurts
And mind my own which I thought you were
But you’re too in the game
To see yourself anymore
To see what I fought for
To see the look on my face
I’m only sorry for the pain
That life coulda caused
You and now me
But I guess you’ll have it your way
From now, so differently will it rain