Garden on the Rocks

I crawled behind the rocks off of the Heiau in Punaluu

And I came to a hidden dwelling with a lava rock entrance with a piko carved into it and
I was about to pass by toward the paths I always climb
But I stopped
I touched the Piko
And called out for what could have been a beast
Could have been a man

And first there was a man, who preferred to be left undisturbed

But I awoke his jealous wife too
And she asked me who I was
She put me out on the rocks where I realized
That men are unreliable, unrelenting in their

Jealousy, possessing and hate what they love

And they wish to seal me up

That my life is rigid as the reef who the ocean slaps against
With crashes and only mist

Will moisten me to stay alive

I’m not frozen
I came here to be
Like the dry lava
Of Pele’s tears
But no,
This is not a place for me
I prayed on many things
And when I left I had
Tattoos swirled around the back and neck of my skin
And truly
There were garden patches on my skin
There were
Roots grown in my skin
And the name was
I wrote it on my left arm in hopes to not forget
But some things aren’t meant to be brought in
From the other worlds that I’ve seen
But you would know it if I told you
When I wanted to leave my ride was angry
When I decided to stay it was fought
Until I was not only abandoned
But my life strewn about the sand
But the driver stayed to enjoy my porch
And tell me how much he hated me
It was as if he couldn’t leave
For what he perceived as love
He just couldn’t live with
So he tortured me in hopes
That I would end my own life
Because I was his in his eyes
He couldn’t stand
When he looked at me
The gardens crept under my skin
They detached themselves and grew
And he was driven away by the vines of my children
As if their umbilical cords
Told me what to say