Mauna a Wakea

Mauna a Wakea

The Mount of Wakea

the Wakea of Papa and Wakea

the founding ancestors of the Hawaiian Race

And others

Of the Ulu and Nanaulu bloodlines

Mauna Kea is a place where we visit

The Po’o of our ancestral limbs

Our religion was not cut off only with the end of the Kapu system

see, our piko is much stronger than a law

What Hawaiians exercise today

is not based on “rights” but what is right

and what is Just as far as I have heard

is something that many religions claim

including the government that illegally occupied and oppresses Hawaiians to this day

The fact is that this illegal occupation is already known and I am not sure

what a written recognition from an outside entity would do – as they are already corrupt in regarding the illegal government in every other part of their political meanderings with the world as it is

I think that the source for our success is within our own understanding of who we are

and that will lead us away from ridicule and toward an innate independence

it is not solely in the public eye that we need to be, but in the eye of our ancestors and in the hands of what is Pono – and that is what sets Hawaiians apart

As far as innate spirituality is concerned, this is something that we share with many other nations but in the wake of Christian influx which “washed away” the things we knew before.

The truth is that the European settlers lied about us not knowing. We knew very well the light of God before they came, in fact they hijacked the religion which was shared with many peoples and those they stole it from were our cousins.

But, they used it as a way to manipulate. NOT as a way to adhere to what is Pono.

Why do they not have this connection with God as we did?

Because they do not have the ancestry.