imageThere is a tyrant

of your time, your ears, your sight

But never lose vision

never forget what the echo was from your parents lips

who you are in this brief existence

Don’t give way

to the things that push and pull

sway and bend

don’t let your checker pieces turn to marbles

rolling around aimlessly

A spirit in broad daylight

on a rainy day in June

let your ears not bend it would only accentuate the tricksters lies

let your eyes not squint to further understand the ramblings of a fool

let your feet not step off track to get a better sense of what is not your destination

heed only this: there is ability but then there is tolerance

and in every encounter with resistance you need to know which ground to stand on

what abilities are worth laying down and giving time

and what are intollerable which you will not accept to exist

it is not a matter of understanding gray

but a matter of upholding all that you are worth.