I hide

I tell myself to hide from the camera
I donʻt brush my hair unless I am leaving the house, maybe not even then
I regret every time I put on make up because I think itʻs too much
Sometimes entirely regret being a female, once a month when life reminds me
No babies with a worthy man yet
Sometimes I sing to get it over with, sometimes sing because I gotta let it out
Sometimes feel obligated to love myself enough to photograph the same old me Iʻve always been
Sometimes stop caring mid snap
And just live my life not caring what you think
Because what does this lense tell you about me
That fulfills what time can
I guarentee if I catch you in real life
You wonʻt sit with me the same
Wonʻt walk away the same
Wonʻt stand the same as I walk toward you
And that, my friend, is when you know
That cameraʻs DO lie
Because they leave out so much