I want to point out that those who took care of aliʻi children and had duties to a certain family were exalted, not enslaved. John Papa Iʻi is a great example. They were chosen by familial ties and not by racial difference. They were chosen by trust and not despise. They were chosen by calling and skill.
There is a difference, a huge difference between how we Hawaiians would operate compared to how the founders of the US operated.
Community to Hawaiians was and is still very important- this is why we feed each other and never arrive empty handed. We look at each other as if we are brothers and sisters because we understand that our families all share a history together. We write songs and put hula to songs written for our friends, families and beloved homes, even of homes of significant people to us.
The shackles of oppression have rendered our situations inadequate to reflect our true nature, but at the core- Hawaiias fight for their freedom because there is more to life than war.