Ego is the biggest roadblock to success. It is the biggest buddy to your downfall.

Ego is prideful stupidity and it will eat away at you and the people who care about you.

I’ve realised that in being loyal to people despite their big ego’s that I have condemned myself to a life of no self-determination and beholding to a lost cause. A cause bigger than me, and therefore more important….?

Was it that my ego was so small that I needed someone who symbolised strength in that area? Along the way did I become full of an ego that was survived vicariously through my loyalty?

I have been loyal to a fault but today, in fact several days ago I recognized that I am the main person who deserves my own loyalty. I am the person who will honor my code. Nobody else has shown and I no longer HOPE for reciprocity.

My reflection will forever show me myself. In this cold world and in this day and age it is no surprise that so many people conclude a life surrounded by the principle of “me, myself and I”.

I have had enough of my creative ideas ripped off of me from my own “friends and family”. I have had enough of both insult and injury.

I have had enough of standing up for people who turn around and drag me into their pitty pots with them.

I have had enough of people telling me that I am lacking in areas that they themselves couldn’t even live up to.

And I am, above all, sick of being treated as if I am a naive little girl just because I keep my hands clean. Just because I do not require an applause for things like most people do does not mean that I didn’t bleed, sweat and cry for what was important to me.

This is the end to those means looks like and a re evaluation on what is worth it.