160 Words


this right here is why

all I wanted was to spend time

when all the trinkets fade and all the days gone by

I want to be able to feel your hand in mine

when time has passed us by



all I have to offer is me

thereʻs nothing beyond what inside you see

and what can I make you believe

you can be anything you want to be

but with me

be free



it in your soul

to never let go

find a way to make the time slow

we will be going somewhere none of us knows

until the days have grown old

donʻt be cold

we both go

this we know



that everytime Iʻm with you

I felt everything this world knew

we grew

we spent more than a few

nights dreaming of a new

life when all we went thru

was to remain true

and you

to me you were the truth.