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“Vava’u Son” Chapter One: Fatongia

Fatongia swam after Pota’s boat After having jumped from the ship where he had sold her to a Palangi, an Indian and a Chinese making cash on three times the profit of her… Continue reading

Past My Mind

Show me a man Gentlemen Intelligent Foresight and A hero to me You were my King Where is the men Respectful Respectable Worth being a better lady for Why Can’t I See past… Continue reading

It’s already over

When it’s you or me Not you AND me it’s already over, babe   Why would I even want to try when I see in your eyes that nothing mattered until just now… Continue reading

160 Words

See this right here is why all I wanted was to spend time when all the trinkets fade and all the days gone by I want to be able to feel your hand… Continue reading

Moth on a Leaf

Moth on a leaf Resting, minding your own You are destructive in my home But naturally we thrive on the same ground You tear apart my clothing Eat away at what keeps me… Continue reading


Ego is the biggest roadblock to success. It is the biggest buddy to your downfall. Ego is prideful stupidity and it will eat away at you and the people who care about you.… Continue reading


I want to point out that those who took care of aliʻi children and had duties to a certain family were exalted, not enslaved. John Papa Iʻi is a great example. They were… Continue reading


I don’t know how I feel What’s all been done Not knowing what to think But I do And I think I will do what’s best For me But not because you said… Continue reading

That Far

See the sunset on the wall with my face near to yours in the heat of the moment in the heat of everything and more   When you come my way I’ll show… Continue reading

Drop Out

I remember not wanting to go to school and so I would sometimes give my mom a hard time until she was running late for work and had to leave. My Dad would… Continue reading