Color of Words

Well if you could read my mind What color would my words be? Transparent Advertisements


You say you will but you won’t You subliminally beg for the hopeless in the form of advice You gain false confidence that dissipates when you get “overlooked” The only way to live… Continue reading

Line in the sand

How heartbroken should I be That knowing of Hawaiian Sovereignty Would draw a line between you and me A line in the sand, you agree is a border But that you wouldnʻt build… Continue reading

The Rooted Social: A new social blog for indigenous freedom fighters and environmental rights.

The following website:     The Rooted Social Encourages Kanaka Maoli and other indigenous people to voice their concerns and share their knowledge on this similar-to-facebook blog. Aimed toward unifying and building bridges,… Continue reading

The Cool Surface

They sink and they resurface these buoys in the water sometimes I see a lighthouse, often only lightening but in the morning, in the glare of day so bright the stars just blind… Continue reading

If my blood were not my blood

If my blood were not my blood If my bones were not my own If all I lived and died for Can’t justify a home That loyalty was just a wound Self inflicted,… Continue reading

I hide

I tell myself to hide from the camera I donʻt brush my hair unless I am leaving the house, maybe not even then I regret every time I put on make up because… Continue reading


There is a tyrant of your time, your ears, your sight But never lose vision never forget what the echo was from your parents lips who you are in this brief existence Don’t… Continue reading

Re Share: The Necessary Man

THE NECESSARY MAN Vlachus laughed at his commander and freely drank of the dark wine. “Spoken as a true soldier. But let me speak as a former farmer and a monk of God.… Continue reading

You can picture food, but can you draw it? Check out these awesome artists and their renderings of food on word press. Ono, dis one.

On drawing food as an art — and an emotional process. via “Have Your Cake and Draw It Too”: Food Illustrators Reflect on Taste and Memory — Discover