Doors – A Gorgeous Article. Entries of Expression.

For traveler Divyakshi Gupta, photographing the doors of India is a favorite pastime. via Doors Are Stories: The Photographic Obsession of Divyakshi Gupta — Discover Advertisements

Re Share

A selection of images and words in celebration of World Water Day. via “We Are Protectors”: Writers, Artists, and Photographers on Water — Discover

A thought on Fear

I pondered fear the other day and focused not only how it destroys us but how it sets us back from the start of the initial threat and how it also destroys us in… Continue reading

Mauna a Wakea

Mauna a Wakea The Mount of Wakea the Wakea of Papa and Wakea the founding ancestors of the Hawaiian Race And others Of the Ulu and Nanaulu bloodlines Mauna Kea is a place… Continue reading

Re-share: Why I need covenant to be in community — more than self-expression

Russell Moore’s, a policy leader of the Southern Baptist Convention who has been critical of Trump, job was threatened this week when denominational leaders didn’t rule out of the option of firing him.… Continue reading


To strengthen by braiding One over the other Limb atop limb In an organized weave Of unison

Line of Sight

I have been pondering sight Specifically the fundamentals of focus Whether through a lens that zooms in/out Or if you are standing Looking at something with two eyes asfixiated on a distant object… Continue reading

Palu Matamoana

And as I look into the deep oceans of my mind The spirit of Palu Matamoana is within me Seeing our life source with mixed feelings As a Tongan and Hawaiian A mix… Continue reading

The Trinity

O Lono o Lono I can hear you conjuring seriously in the trees in the sky and in the air what to make of the voices we have e Ku e Ku I can feel… Continue reading

Garden on the Rocks

I crawled behind the rocks off of the Heiau in Punaluu And I came to a hidden dwelling with a lava rock entrance with a piko carved into it and I was about to pass… Continue reading