To strengthen by braiding One over the other Limb atop limb In an organized weave Of unison

Line of Sight

I have been pondering sight Specifically the fundamentals of focus Whether through a lens that zooms in/out Or if you are standing Looking at something with two eyes asfixiated on a distant object… Continue reading

Palu Matamoana

And as I look into the deep oceans of my mind The spirit of Palu Matamoana is within me Seeing our life source with mixed feelings As a Tongan and Hawaiian A mix… Continue reading

The Trinity

O Lono o Lono I can hear you conjuring seriously in the trees in the sky and in the air what to make of the voices we have e Ku e Ku I can feel… Continue reading

Garden on the Rocks

I crawled behind the rocks off of the Heiau in Punaluu And I came to a hidden dwelling with a lava rock entrance with a piko carved into it and I was about to pass… Continue reading

Infatuations of Place

  I hate to admit That I wish to invade you Concave you To what you could possibly be Of me And though I hate to admit it I just have to do… Continue reading


A red silken banner ripples Through the dusty air Above dusty men In white dusted green denim Head to foot The acrobatics The tooting trumpets Of a dusty dark time Celebrated Who will… Continue reading

The Finger

Doesn’t surprise me anymore That I am the one Who always gotta take The hard line That nobody knows about That’s why they think I’m crazy That’s why they think I am demented… Continue reading


She shows herself On her own terms and she saw me see her tonight Popoki were crawling breathing into her to rise up But never before have I looked into the eyes of… Continue reading

do you pray

There is no neglecting one without neglecting all perfection not but purity is long overdue Here Do you pray on the oil as you squeeze it from it’s meat from it’s vine from… Continue reading