Yellow Birdie

Yellow Birdie are you as happy as the clothing God gave you and little, pretty birdie are you as happy as the song you sing looking for a lover to meet you high… Continue reading

He Knows His Shadows

He knows his shadows are not shadows, they are layers and layers, multi-faceted, repetitious rows and armies of his ancestors and mine jump right behind him too dancing and as he sings they… Continue reading

Po’s Place

The wires blooming from the wall Kicking the 4 foot refrigerator door closed all done with affection the toast crumbs on a plain white plate and this wooden fire place a rocking chair… Continue reading

Lessons from the Hapu’u

One day with the Hapu’u Fern and I am Already learning More about how I should see life Unfurling with more than one way to reach out Each time growing longer farther reaching… Continue reading

Big Black Dog

I dreamed of the big black dog in Thomas square he was fluffy and soft and kind to me but to others he was vicious, scary and deceiving yet I carried him like… Continue reading

Coveting a poor mans freedom

He who has coveted everything Looks at a poor man with envy Thinking surely, there must be Something that he has naught That the poor man does have Like freedom and time Maybe… Continue reading


Here You stumble in with your floppy rubber footwear For some little thing that will clean you up A roll of toilet paper, a soda for pep, a stick of gum and a cigarette Here… Continue reading


They say we are stoned but I am sober Stoned since 1893 a feign for sovereignty against their plot for my poverty And their piracy  

Ai Pohaku… So Ono!

He treks with a constant pain in his side,  remains hungry never enough as nourishment is needed every single day He wanted more of his own he searched out with high hopes to see every last brown… Continue reading

Madd man not madd

Madd man not madd You were my father, my brother and all of these things Made you fit to suggest a throne Passionate, Lively and Active in mind As level as the facts… Continue reading