D e(x) [I] SCRI [be] MI NATION The livelihood of indigenous(e) people is taken As a token of Accreditation (bartered) In the ego-centric interest (money/ credit/ ticketed value) of countries of less blue and… Continue reading

Seed in my hand

There is a woman who jumped into the volcano and came out on the other side And the ice of the other world sealed the molten on her brow Where is she now… Continue reading

Baggage of an Escape Artist

I found myself lying in a pile of my favorite dresses and leather jackets for the third time in a year, listening to the usual pity-enabling and soothing voice of Norah Jones luring my soul into… Continue reading

Mau Pialug on VISION (from Light at the edge of the world)

Was watching the video in the following link: Light at the edge of the World About Wayfinders of Polynesia, Nainoa Thompson and the Hokule’a. The sections of the video starting at approximate duration time 21:22… Continue reading

Theory of Appreciation

So I woke up to the sounds of morning Gurgling coffee, the tapping of my panel curtains when the fan breezed across them And then my Hanai mother started cutting through corrugated paper… Continue reading

of Roots and Freedom

From a very special Cocoa Puff 🙂 Translation from French to English: Every human is torn between two needs. The need of the canoe which signifies voyaging and being taken from oneself, and… Continue reading

“About Me”

All I can say about myself is that my opinion from the inside probably isn’t the same as yours would be from the outside so therefore whatever I say here would be completely… Continue reading

I dreamed of an uprising

I dreamed that the winds of change forced my mother to grow wings like the Pueo and now watch over me My ‘Ilio and friend who walked beside now somewhere in the water… Continue reading

A Painful Cure

(This is for my brother)   Pressing me upon walls of wailing grief and happy memories I cannot lie, it took a lot of time but life is now sure give me your… Continue reading

Athens on the Wind

Athens on the wind
winds of change from far away
resound an ancient chant now whispered